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Huawei K3765 Driver for Mac

Today I've bought new my 3G modem. This for prepare my business trip for almost 2 weeks started from next 14th January.
And finally I bought Huawei K3765, because it already HSDPA (up to 7.2 Mbps) although there is no cellular operator in Indonesia can give you this speed :)

As you know, when you use Mac or another operating system (non Windows), when you buy a USB peripheral, the most terrible thing is DRIVER support for Mac (or your operating system).

Just want to share, maybe some of you has the same problem with it.

Firstly, I gave driver for mac from the shop where I bought the modem, but, it just a driver, so we must use native Network Dialing menu from System Preferences -> Network Preferences.

After you install the driver, the modem will be detected as HUAWEI Mobile Modem, and 2 others device (I don't know exactly, why the modem detect as 3 different devices. This happen also in Windows).

Insert your username and password given by your cellular operator. In my case, I leave it blank.
But, don't forget, you must change the setting in Advanced menu, choose GSM / 3G Modem, so you can insert your correct APN Name (provided by your cellular operator)

You must restart your Mac after installation, and then you can use your modem to make a connection.

You can download the driver here :

But, I was curious, is there any Front End like Mobile Partner in Windows for Mac ?

I try to ask my best friend, Google.com.
And finally I found a front end from VODAFONE

I has been tried it, It works well, although I'm not Vodafone user. My cellular operator is 3 (Three). The only thing I must do is add the connection manually in Connection tab.

This is the screenshot:

With this front end, you can manage your SMS also. The only thing this front end cannot do is make a call. Mobile partner in Windows version can do it. But, I thing, this is enough for me.
When I need to call using this modem, I just connect it on my Windows under VMWare.

I know this article is not detail, but I am sleepy now, need to sleep :)

Just leave a comment if you have any other question.

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